Dentist in Idaho Falls Educates Residents on Differences in Treatment Plan Prices

Many Idaho Falls residents have questions about why the quote that they get from one dentist is different from a quote that they get from another dentist. Just today we had a patient come into the office who had a treatment plan from another office. After we gave her the treatment plan from our office, she told us that it was less than half of what had been given to her by the other office. She was quite concerned about how this could happen. After discussing what the other office had treatment planned for her, it was clear that they were simply more aggressive with treatment that they diagnosed that we were in our office.

This is very common for treatment plans to be different. Many patients are not aware that there is actually quite a significant gray area in dentistry. Some dentists treat anything that can be treated, and sometimes even things that don’t need to be treated, while others are more conservative in their treatment options.

We recommend making sure that you completely understand what your dental provider is talking about. If you don’t it is always a good idea to get a second opinion. Many dentists will even offer a free second opinion, so if you feel like your dentist is not being completely straight forward with you, that is definitely an option.

If you are looking for an affordable dentist, or are in search of a dentist, the best way to start your search is by asking friends, family members and co-workers. Pay attention to what they tell you about their dentist. If they say that their dentist is awesome because they give you a bunch of incentives or because they have so many frills, or bells and whistles, those are probably things that should be taken with a grain of salt. You should be looking for responses talking about good dental work, friendly staff, affordability, integrity, etc.

If you are looking for an exceptional dentist in Idaho Falls, we would love for you to check out our office! Oxford Dental Care is known for providing exceptional dentistry, integrity and also for having affordable fees. We provide services ranging from general to cosmetic dentistry which makes our office convenient for most people seeking a great dentist.

Oxford Dental Care
749 Oxford Dr
Idaho Falls, ID 83401


Five Businesses Voted Best in Idaho Falls, ID

A poll of our readers returned five businesses voted best in Idaho Falls. The criteria for businesses on the list were exceptional service, fair prices and community involvement. If you are looking for exceptional service, check out the businesses on this list.

Best Dentist

Oxford Dental Care
749 Oxford Dr
Idaho Falls, ID 83401

Best Chiropractor

Idaho Falls Chiropractic Clinic
1880 E 17th St
Idaho Falls, ID 83404
(208) 523-0121

Best Oral Surgeon

Blake Oral Surgery & Dental Implants
333 S Woodruff Ave
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
(208) 523-2160

Best Pizza

Uncle Benny’s Pizza
620 W Broadway St
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
(208) 524-7455

Flooring Contractor

Classic Flooring
2048 E 17th St a
Idaho Falls, ID 83404
(208) 589-0691

We would love to hear your feedback about these and other businesses that are providing exceptional services in the community. Let us know by leaving a comment below!

TEDxIdahoFalls announces speaker line up

IDAHO FALLS — TEDxIdahoFalls has announced its 2018 speaker line up for TEDxIdahoFalls: TOTALITY. The event will be held March 10 at 3 p.m. at the Colonial Theater in Idaho Falls.

“Through an application process and a series of auditions, the TEDxIdahoFalls Committee has curated a unique list of speakers with the goal of promoting, ‘Ideas Worth Sharing’,” stated Co-Organizer of Operations, Janece Moore.

The 2018 Speaker List includes:

Karen Baker
The Power of Totality: Eclipse Moments

Amanda Byrd
Where Does My Oxygen Mask Matter Most?

Toni L. Carter
Inclusive Diversity: The Game Changer

Heather Falter
How I Found Emotional Healing Through Honest Creativity

Timothy Graham
The War on [Cancer] Obesity

Tauscha Johanson
#OCD: Starving the Monster

Tod Krumenacker
What I Heard from the Echoes in the Heart of Canyon de Chelly

Logan McDougall
How Designing a Flag Defined Pocatello

Craig Oborn
Creating authentic connections one question at a time

Ken Simpson
The Trans Am Bike Race – Experiencing a Parallel Universe

Joshua Smith
The Zen of Beekeeping…ish

Stephanie Taylor-Silva
Post-Prison Mentoring: Breaking Chains, Saving Lives

In the upcoming weeks, speakers will be introduced via social media accounts, press releases and be available for interviews.

For information for those requesting to attend, early bird tickets became available for sale on Jan. 22 and that pricing continues until Feb. 9. Visit for more information.

IFPD officer who talked man out of suicide: ‘I was very nervous’

IDAHO FALLS — An Idaho Falls Police Officer credited for saving a suicidal man has been asked to speak at a conference for the California Association of Hostage Negotiators.

Officer Bart Whiting has remained humble since the incident and has been reflecting the past few weeks about what happened.

“Unfortunately, I’ve been a part of two shootings in my ten year career with the Idaho Falls Police department and to be honest with you, I was really kind of… freaking out a little bit,” Officer Bart Whiting said.

It was around 1 a.m. on January 12 when the call came in that a suicidal man was lying on the sidewalk on Shoup Avenue with a gun to his head. Whiting was in downtown Idaho Falls and arrived with 20-30 seconds of the call coming in.

“The time that the call came out to the time it finished was about 11 minutes. From the time Officer Whiting arrived and the situation was resolved, it was about nine minutes,” Idaho Falls Police Sergeant Timothy Downs says.

Because Whiting was the first on the scene, he was able to establish a relationship with the man in his late 20s to early 30s. A total of 17 officers, including law enforcement from the Bonneville County Sherriff’s office, were able to assist.

“Officer Whiting built a rapport with the guy. I think it’s imperative to say that not only did he keep the guy from shooting himself, but he managed to keep the young man from pointing the weapon at us and causing us to have to shoot him,” Downs says.

Whiting said when he initially heard the call, all kinds of scenarios were racing through his head.

“He was laying down on the ground, with a gun pointed to his head. So I started talking to him, and then he sat up, and then the gun became really big, just in my mind, because I was focused in on the gun,” Whiting says.

The man was outside of a bar where he had been prior to the incident. He admitted to having a few drinks and Whiting said he didn’t seem to be too impaired.

Once Whiting made a connection, the man told him that he was retired from the military and was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

After several minutes, the man put the gun down and Whiting was able to take him to a safe place. But things didn’t end there – in fact, Whiting stayed with him four hours.

“I took him to EIRMC and we talked about stuff he had seen, and he just had a really bad year. One of his best friends had completed suicide with a gun to his head, and also spoke about a family member passing away during the year,” Whiting says.

Whiting’s actions led the California Association of Hostage Negotiators to invite him to be a speaker in April. All expenses will be covered by the association as Whiting trains other officers.

“We had a good outcome and officers are being recognized for doing a good job. What Officer Whiting did, I would expect everybody else to do,” Downs said.

Whiting adds, “I don’t think I did anything special. I do have a general love and care for people. I really believe in the ideal of the job and the shield and protecting people. I really care about people. Maybe through speaking with him he felt that I did have a genuine care and concern for him.”

Idaho Falls Airport director resigning for position in Hawaii

IDAHO FALLS — Idaho Falls Regional Airport (IDA) Director Craig Davis recently announced that he is resigning from his position. He will be relocating to Hawaii to work for the Airports Division of the Hawaii Department of Transportation. Davis has been the director of IDA since October 2012.

Davis brought a wealth of management experience to IDA related to airport operations; safety and security; capital improvements; grant administration; air service development; personnel management; environmental impact; and Fixed-Base Operator management and planning that has been incredibly valuable to the city of Idaho Falls.

“While I am very sad to see him go, I am very happy to have had his expertise and leadership here at the city serving to build our airport over these past 6 years,” states Idaho Falls Mayor Rebecca Casper. “I wish him well in the future. His low-key, competent leadership style surely will be missed.”

The airport has seen significant growth and improvements in service, safety and operations under Davis’ leadership. For two consecutive years, IDA has passed the annual FAA safety inspection with zero discrepancies – the highest rating a commercial airport can receive. The rating also came with comments and accolades for IDA’s efficiency, management and overall safety.

Over the past six years, the airport has requested and received multiple federal grants for airport improvements and expansions. IDA received $2.5 million for the south terminal expansion, $2.4 million for the south quad ramp expansion, $2.3 million for the commercial ramp expansion and de-icing pad, $9 million for the Taxiway A, C and Runway 2/20 rehabilitation project and $3.6 million for the baggage claim expansion project, which will be constructed this summer.

In 2016, new revenue streams were created for the airport by adding three new corporate hangars and a new Enterprise Rent-a-car storage and maintenance facility. Other accomplishments include a successful Runway 17/35 Planning Study that will result in maintaining the runway use and increase safety.

IDA also extended their aircraft rescue and specialized aircraft firefighting to 24-hour coverage, making our airport much safer for pilots who must land after-hours.

Among other improvements, Davis oversaw the launch of IDA’s rebranding project. Rebranding was part of a comprehensive air service-marketing plan aimed at increasing participation and awareness of the airport’s offerings within the community.

“Craig worked tirelessly to attract and expand flights to the area including new flights to Denver and Minneapolis-St. Paul, recently striking a tentative deal with Alaska Airlines to begin a non-stop flight to Seattle. He knew that bringing in competition to the IDA marketplace could result in lower airfares,” added Mayor Casper.

As an air transportation center for eastern Idaho, southern Montana, and western Wyoming, IDA serves as an access point to some of American’s favorite tourist destinations. IDA is an economic driver for southeast Idaho and contributes to the economic well-being of the city. IDA operates from the city’s enterprise fund as a financially self-sustaining entity.

“I am moving on to pursue other endeavors,” explained Davis. “I have enjoyed my tenure working with the airport, city, county, community and business partners. We have had many successes we’ve championed together for the betterment of the airport and the city. I’ve made many friends and professional relationships and will always have fond memories of living and working in eastern Idaho. The environment at the airport has been very supportive and collaborative and one that I have enjoyed. I wish everyone happiness, health and success! Mahalo and Aloha!”

Meet this professional snowboarder tonight before she heads for the Olympics

IDAHO FALLS — A Rigby athlete will host a “meet and greet” tonight in Idaho Falls before she leaves for South Korea to compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Snowboarder JessiKa Jenson will be meeting people at the Keiffer’s Island Convention Center inside the Shilo Inn at 780 Lindsay Boulevard in Idaho Falls from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday.

According to her Facebook page, Jenson will be meeting fans, signing autographs and receiving “good vibes” before she heads to Pyeongchang, South Korea to represent the United States Women’s Snowboarding team. She will participate in the “Pro Slopestyle – Snowboarding” team when the games begin Feb. 9.

Jenson has been skiing since she was 6 years old at Kelly Canyon. At age 10, she transitioned to snowboarding and the Jenson family went to the slopes every weekend where she taught herself how to speed down mountains.

She began competing at age 14 at Kelly Canyon and Grand Targhee as frequently as possible.

South Korea will not be Jenson’s first Olympics, nor will this be her first time competing in South Korea. In 2016, she competed in the FIS World Cup and placed 13th. She also competed in the 2014 Sochi Russia when she placed 13th in the inaugural slopestyle snowboard event. She has also participated in numerous events across the United States as well as Canada.